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Fix Contrast

A browser extension that automatically increases contrast on sites.

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Available in English, German, Dutch and Japanese
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UI screenshot of Fix Contrast extension

83.9% of home pages world wide have low contrast text*

The Fix Contrast extension fixes these issues automatically for any website you visit.

* Source: WebAIM Million report
showing the two main choices, 'medium' and 'high'.

Force a minimum contrast for text

Select "Medium" or "High" contrast.

showing the contrast sliders for small and large text

Tweak to your own liking advanced

Pick your own contrast levels for normal and large text.

showing a site with backgrounds added to text.

Add background if needed advanced

Adds a background color to text for optimum readability.

Here's how it works

Fix Contrast goes through all text elements on your site one-by-one, calculates their contrast ratio and bumps it when needed. Try it out below:

This text does not have enough contrast.

Fix the contrast

Support us

Fix Contrast is available for free. You can support us by donating a ☕ though Ko-fi.

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Thanks to these people for providing translations: Kilian Valkhof (English, Dutch), Sandra Kallmeyer (German), Katagaki (Japanese), Tárcio Zemel (Brazilian Portuguese).

If you want to contribute a translation, please contact us.

Shouldn't browsers do this?

Yes, but they don't*. We would love to work with browser vendors to implement this tech natively. Please reach out!

* Polypane does, Fix Contrast is based on its technology.

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Find accessible colors

Use the free color contrast checker provided by Polypane to get automatic suggestions for colors with enough contrast.

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